Joel Bondorowsky

Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

“ The way I see it, there’s nothing in this world that can’t be improved. I’m the type of person that finds solace in pinpointing weak spots and then strategizing to make intelligible improvements. I think that’s why I enjoy PPC campaigns so much — because I’m simply wired to find the weak links and make them better. ”

Joel was an early adopter of online marketing. He launched his first company, a website hosting solution, in 2000 and became one of AdWord’s first users. Joel went on to work as a Search Marketing Specialist for .comMarketing, which is where he became immersed in PPC advertising and search engine optimization. After a combined 6 years in various roles in online marketing, Joel joined as a Senior PPC Specialist – building and managing campaigns that started from zero and grew to millions of dollars in monthly advertising budgets.

With years of PPC experience under his belt, he jumped at the opportunity to partner up with Uri and re-define the industry on his own terms. As Chief Operating Officer at Quality Score, Joel is responsible for all operational aspects. He has leveraged his extensive PPC management experience to develop and constantly refine Quality Score’s methodology – orchestrating the right combination of technological and human input. He ultimately helps bridge gaps between strategy and execution – driving the best possible business results for the agency and client companies.

Aside from directing the daily operations at Quality Score, Joel enjoys spending time with his partner and their two children. He likes running, travelling, delving into new cuisines, and staying up-to-date – not only within the industry – but also on politics and culture. He especially likes technology and keeping with the latest tech gadgets and can often be found interrogating Siri or flying his drone around the office.

Contact Information
Ze’ev Jabotinsky Rd 2, 20th Floor
Ramat Gan, Israel 52505
Phone – +972-77-466-5663
Fax – +972-77-426-0713
LinkedIn: Joel Bondorowsky

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