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Search Engine Marketing

Google AdWords, Bing Ads

Search advertising creates a direct link between user traffic and merchants. With the help of advanced tools and technical skills, we are able to respond accurately to users’ search needs and desires, by ensuring the visibility of your website in response to their queries. As a result, search advertising takes advertising directly from start to SALES!

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin

Paid social media marketing is not about building likes, or fans, for fun. Social media touches millions of people every minute, which why it is all about ROI. We use the powerful targeting tools that platforms, such as Facebook, give us, to reach precisely the right audience and to drive quality traffic directly to your website.

Ad Copy, Design & Testing

Display Banners, Text Ads, Facebook Images

Ad copy and creative are vital elements of campaign optimization. Audience impression is the first phase of the sales funnel, and we all know that first impressions last. Google, Facebook & Bing reward advertisers, whose ads produce higher than average CTR, with increased coverage and cheaper clicks, however, ads that attract unqualified clicks become a costly nuisance. It’s a true art and we are your sculptors.

Conversion Optimization

Sales Funnel A/B Testing & Design

The slightest increase in conversion rates can have a significant impact on your bottom line. Landing pages, as well as other critical steps in the sales funnel, should always be tested and adjusted. We rely on years of experience with conversion optimization, and on our remarkable design department, to conduct a/b tests that have the greatest impact.

Analytics & Tracking

BI, Web Analytics, Multi-Channel Attribution

Every targeted element in a campaign must have a value attributed to each click so that it can be bid on for the desired ROI. This is why we implement the most effective tracking software for measuring user behaviour and multi-touch conversions. We also work with client hosted, BI databases, containing campaign and sales data, to further secure our optimization of your campaigns.

Full Team Integration

We work to become an extension of your company

When our clients understand their audience and marketing campaigns, it becomes vastly easier for them to deliver a selling product. Because of this, we practice 100% transparency with our clients on campaign strategy and statistics. In aiming for your best results, we become more like an extension of your marketing department and less like an agency.

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