The Q system

Our proprietary methodology combines cutting-edge technology with a human touch for one-of-a-kind marketing campaigns that get serious results. Our highly skilled team uses up-to-the-minute innovations in online marketing to drive traffic to your site and generate sales.

Goal Alignment, Needs Assessment and Action Planning

We begin with a detailed analysis of the goals, needs, and past experiences of your business to develop a targeted, results-driven action plan.

Build and Launch Campaigns

Our professionals conduct extensive market research and competitive analysis informed by past experience, which helps them understand both your target audience and your competition’s tactics. Our creative team uses this knowledge to create on-brand messaging and design that will give you an edge over competition and drive traffic to your business.
Our campaign managers combine research and design to develop the best targeting for your initial campaigns. We continue to work with you throughout the process in order to measure and track your campaign’s performance.

Optimize Account Health

Through PPC platforms, we ensure that you get the most out of each ad impression while making sure your users enjoy the best possible experience on your site. We do this by targeting ads to the right audience at the right time, and delivering the best creative content to your audience through ad A/B testing.

Tune for Account Profitability

Once a PPC account looks healthy, we then focus our attention on profitability. A successful marketing campaign has a lot of moving parts – and we evaluate all of them and tailor them to your needs to achieve maximum profitability.

Maximize the value of each click

Improving visitor value is paramount in increasing sales. Our professionals accomplish this by developing ads that deliver the most effective messages and by A/B testing landing pages in order to filter and funnel more qualified users to your site.

Scale volume in existing and new channels

Once campaigns have matured, we return our attention to the initial stages of development. Our professionals conduct comprehensive data analysis, competitive analysis, market research, and targeting research in order to refine and build campaigns in existing channels, identify opportunities for expansion, and build campaigns in new channels.

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Let’s talk about your company’s goals and how we can help you achieve them