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Team Members

We’re a unique team of in-house developers, analysts, mathematicians, copywriters, designers, marketers, and campaign managers – all experts in our fields with the knowledge and experience needed to build successful campaigns that give our clients an edge over competition.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, Quality Score CEO Uri Segal and COO Joel Bondorowsky envisioned developing a unique team, technology, and methodology that would stand out from traditional performance-based digital marketing strategies and cater to big brands in need of close support

  • In the early 2000s, during Uri’s tenure at Google, he had the opportunity to build a team dedicated to supporting some of the largest and fastest growing online performance companies in the world. He watched companies grow from zero to millions of dollars in monthly advertising budgets.
    Uri’s employment at Google not only provided him with vast knowledge of the online performance world but also the opportunity to collaborate with some of the brightest minds in the industry.

  • One of the companies Uri worked with while at Google was Wix.com. It was there that he was first introduced to Joel Bondorowsky – unarguably one of the most talented PPC campaign marketing experts in Israel. They quickly realized that their combined skills could build something huge – so in 2012 they decided to partner up.

  • Situated in Tel Aviv – a city ranked second best for tech startup entrepreneurs after Silicon Valley and the largest tech investment hub per capita in the world – Uri and Joel had the perfect grounds for creating Quality Score.

  • They brought in Shalom Ben Moshe – another mastermind from Wix.com – to build and lead their social media strategy. From there – Uri, Joel, and Shalom began recruiting the smartest people they could find.

  • Quality Score quickly gained traction, succeeding in highly competitive industries. As the team and methodology improved, they learned to dominate competitive industries, becoming a global contender in digital performance-based marketing. Quality Score is constantly evolving for success in the highly competitive and dynamic industry of PPC, sharing their experience along the way.


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