Junior Digital copywriter

Hey you, brilliant copywriter, you!

Doing some job searching, huh? Great news—we’re hiring Junior Copywriters!

Here’s a tidbit about us:

Quality Score is one of the best and fastest growing PPC agencies in EMEA. We run supremely successful online advertising campaigns on display, search, social, and video networks. Oh, and we also develop innovative technologies to help make said campaigns run optimally.


Position & Responsibilities:

We are currently looking for a digital copywriter, to join our creative team in building and perfecting wildly effective ads, scripts and content for online sales funnels. Responsibilities further include but are not limited to:

  • Transforming creative concepts into crisp and clear written words
  • Cracking creative briefs (conceptualization, planning, development, and executioning)
  • Building a creative strategy (thorough understanding of client-brand and their marketing initiatives while crafting long-term creative solutions)
  • Presenting and communicating copy ideas and key milestones to peers and clients
  • Working with the entire creative team towards successful completion of projects
  • Editing and proofing materials at any and all stages
  • Participation in creative brainstorming sessions and brief development
  • Staying up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and technologies


  • Passion for Writing & Marketing
  • Native English speaker (preferably US)
  • Ability to creatively and effectively solve problems
  • Capable of working on multiple projects without compromising creative quality
  • Detail oriented
  • Creative thinker who is passionate about digital copywriting
  • Team player with a go-getter mentality


  • Some experience in digital marketing, content writing, or copywriting
  • Some experience with Facebook ads and Google Adwords (search and display)
  • Relevant education in Communications, Journalism, English, Marketing, etc.