Digital Strategic Planner

Quality Score

About The Position

Quality Score is a successful and fast growing PPC agency. We run large-scale online advertising campaigns on display, search, social, and video networks, and develop innovative ad optimization technologies.

Position & Responsibilities

The Strategic Planner will conduct market analysis, from our consumer’s end.

Detect current trends and global directions to incorporate into advertisement strategies.

Seek, test, inquire and research target audiences, detect and define potential customers (by needs, motivation, behavior, aspirations, economic information, psycho-graphics and thinking) utilizing investigative tools and statistics software. 

Determine genuine, precise overviews of users in order to create accurate marketing strategies, messages and tones.

Responsibilities Include:

The Strategic Planner’s role is to connect the Account Managers and the creative Studio teams.

  • Write project briefs
  • Comprehension of users, targeting of various audiences with the right message for each
  • Research and analyze competition: Competing companies \ campaigns \ messages
  • Shape new and different ad concepts for each product \ audience
  • Process campaign performance data and detect conclusions, create presentations and campaign summaries
  • Strategic comprehension of A\B Testing
  • Ongoing communications between Facebook \ Google teams and the Creative Studio
  • Comprehension and research of trends in our client’s worlds
  • Research new marketing tools trends
  • Implement business operations and procedures to keep departments organized and synced up


  • must have two years of experience as a Planner
  • High familiarity with performance marketing and online ad campaigns: Social media platforms, Google Adwords, Display, SEO, Video, Remarketing
  • Experienced in digital marketing
  • Marketing proficiency, keen comprehension of social and consumer psychology, trends and demographics.
  • Experience working with research and analytics tools
  • Strong intuition for consumer trends
  • Understanding of market research and data analysis
  • Strategic thinking and vision
  • Creative problem-solving aptitude
  • Organizational, leadership and presenter skills
  • Excellent communication skills


BSc/BA in Business Administration, Marketing, Finance or a related field

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